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Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s is an American grocery retail chain that operates 350 stores, primarily in the western United States.[1] Trader Joe’s has been part of Theo Albrecht's German discounter Aldi Nord since 1979 Markus Foundationwhich favors the family members.[2][3] The stores called "Pronto Markets" at that time were founded in 1958 by Joe Coulombe and renamed Trader Joe's in 1967, which was accompanied by the orientation towards the new business idea.

Business concept

A special feature of the shops are the employees dressed in Hawaiian shirts; the branch managers call themselves “captain”, the deputy “second mate” (second helmsman) and the other employees are called “crew”. The range at Trader Joe’s, like that of the Aldi markets, is very limited and does not contain more than 3000 items. In addition to everyday foods, these include specialties such as delicacies, products from organic farming, vegetarian and imported foods and a large selection of wines.

The business newspaper Handelsblatt described the shops in 2006 as follows: “The product selection is limited - a mixture of a little bit of organic, a little bit of gourmet and a little bit of discount. In short, everything that the class-conscious, left-liberal American needs. "(Tobias Moerschen: Handelsblatt.com: Trader Joe’s": Aldi for eco and intellectuals June 13, 2006).

  • Trader Joe’s Hadley, Massachusetts branch

  • Inside a Trader Joe’s market

Trader Joe’s in Europe

In order to make the brand name known in Europe, Aldi is continuously increasing the number of products with this name. These now include iced tea, salmon, prunes, raisins, dried fruit, nuts, sunflower seeds, salads and crispbread.

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