How do you think you lived

Have you already lived today

What we achieve with this behavior is that we separate ourselves from ourselves. Cutting off from ourselves and that drives us even more into the arms of the wrong people.

If we don't feel ourselves, then we can't trust ourselves either. If we can't trust each other, then we can't take responsibility.

So we let others decide about us, because they seem to know better. In the end we can say that it wasn't us and the search for the culprit is in full swing.

But is it even about guilt? Or is it perhaps about what defines us as human beings? Is it about our humanity?

When we decided when we were born to reincarnate on this wonderful mother earth, we did so with absolute trust in God and ourselves. We were so confident that we remember who we are, that we were ready for new experiences and healing.

So can you imagine that it might even be about finding our own being and staying true to it? Maybe it's about understanding who we are and gaining the courage to live by ourselves?

Have you already lived today

You know, if one fine day we leave our body and move from it to another world, then we will not be asked there whether we have always functioned well.

We will not be asked whether we have really done everything to please others. Whether we met their needs.

We will certainly not be measured or even rated by how much money we have made here.

Whether you drove a fat cart, wore the most insane designer clothes or went on the most expensive vacation and were a true superhero of consumerism. And whether you've donated something here and there to soothe your guilty conscience, because otherwise you didn't really care at whose expense you stuffed your hard-earned money into the greedy throat of the consumer monster and regardless of losses this our mother Exploited earth. At least you helped through your behavior.

We will not be admired either if we have really sacrificed ourselves here.

Nobody will stand there and applaud you if you have been obedient here in this life, if you have satisfied the others or the system. Have really forgotten yourself and let you bend or even break.

Nobody will ask: Have you dutifully consumed the news around the clock, charged yourself with negative energy and fed yourself the thoughts that humiliated you?

But what did you do for yourself?

But maybe you will be asked, what have you done for yourself? For your spiritual advancement? Who did you serve and who did you follow? What did you choose, to have or to be? The material or the spirit?