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Job profile: actor

The professional profile: actor

Who to the Profession of actor thinks, usually has the image of the greats from Hollywood in his mind's eye, who are surrounded by that unmistakable touch of glamor and luxury. Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt and Co.

But on that red carpets in America very few make it. The reality is different for many actors. Some literally live from it Hand to mouth and shimmy from engagement to engagement.

To that extent is the Work life balancethat awaits you in the acting profession, by no means balanced. Either you are in great demand and jump from appearance to appearance or the opposite is the case and you go back and forth between the client and the employment office. But of course there is also a gray area in between: Regular jobs and a salary that is good enough for a living. Most actors actually get to know all of these facets at one point in their professional life.

How do you become an actor?

Many roads lead to the Acting profession. There are certainly as many skilled as unskilled actors on the stages or on the big screen. A large part rises as Career changers into the profession. To be on the safe side, many first undertake well-founded training in another profession - if their great career does not work out.

If you want to learn the acting profession from scratch, you can do an apprenticeship at one of the many Drama schools do. Here for example:

Depending on whether the four-year training If the focus is on film or theater, budding mimes get to know different acting techniques.

The following disciplines are on the curriculum with varying degrees of intensity:

  • Play (etude / improvisation)
  • Scene work
  • Stage work
  • Camera work
  • Term paper
  • Lecture teaching
  • Classical dance
  • Artistic dance
  • Pilates
  • Aikido / stage fight
  • Speech technology
  • singing
  • music
  • Choir
  • Coaching

Since the Training as an actor a school education flows during this time no remuneration to the account of prospective actors. On the contrary, there are even school fees. However, it is possible to apply for BAföG.

Employer: Who is looking for actors

Actors can find employment opportunities here:

  • theatre
  • watch TV
  • radio
  • Movie

Salary: What do you earn as an actor?

On the subject salary aspiring actors have to be brave. Indeed there is Collective agreements for actorswhich, however, are anything but a generous income. At a theater initially flow in a month 1,600 euros gross on the account. There has also been a collective agreement for film and television production since 2014, which stipulates a minimum income of 750 euros gross per day of shooting assures.

That sounds lush at first, but it isn't necessarily. After all, not every day is a shooting day, especially at the beginning of a career. Much of the time goes for that Acquisition of new roles on it - unpaid.

But if you have a little experience main actor in a theatrical productions or movies, or gets hold of a role in a television series, can post a significantly higher income. With increasing awareness, the upper fee is completely open.

Entry Opportunities: The Prospects for Actors

Actors traditionally have a hard time playing labour market. As a rule, a large number of would-be mimes face a small number of engagements. Apply annually about 5,000 aspiring actors on around 300 seats at state drama schools. In order to be successful in this profession, it is not just a matter of talent, but also of being lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time.

Application: How do actors score

The criteria for being accepted into an acting school are tough. Most schools accept applicants who at least seventeen years are old and have completed tenth grade.

Who with his Write to convinced becomes one Audition invited. Here, budding actors show what talent, ability and previous knowledge they already have.

  • Can you find your way into a role with the necessary depth?
  • Do they understand the situation the person is in and can they adequately embody the character?

But do not worry: budding actors will not be thrown into the deep end. The school usually tells them which role they should prepare for and which passage should be played. Some drama schools also offer special courses to prepare for audition.

Career: The development opportunities as an actor

The Development opportunities for actors are diverse. On the one hand, they can climb the career ladder within the acting ranks and get off Secondary to the main actor rising up. The absolute freestyle is as Character actor to be celebrated. Whether in theater, film or television - leading actors have a wide range of opportunities.

Furthermore there is also Activities behind the camerathat are appealing to actors who no longer want to work in front of the lens. Many former actors start careers later in life as Director.