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Advantages of self-employment

Adviser ยป Advantages of self-employment

If you want to work as a freelancer, you can enjoy a multitude of advantages. But not just the benefits of freelance self-employment it is what motivates more and more people to take the path of the free, but also the opportunity to find better work. There are quite a few students who get on their own feet immediately after completing their studies and do not even appear in labor market statistics. The freelance growth engine should not be underestimated.

But what exactly are the advantages of self-employment?

  • If you want to start as a freelancer, you don't have to deal with the trade office. That means a lot of paperwork goes away.
  • A freelancer does not necessarily have to register with the IHK or the HWK.
  • A freelancer does not have to be listed in the commercial register or in the company register.
  • The law of obligations of the BGB comes into play, the additional commercial code does not play a role for the freelancer.
  • The freelancer can take advantage of tax advantages.
  • The freelancer can divide his time freely, even if he is in principle bound by a few guidelines (deadlines for orders, appointments with customers). If necessary, he can also work in the evenings and on weekends if he does not come during the day does not have to be accountable to a boss or is assigned things that he does not like to do. Although it is also the case in freelance work that unloved work has to be done again and again (bookkeeping, creating new content for the website, customer acquisition), the freelancer can choose which jobs to accept and which not - the freelancer has to Just contact the tax office to register your freelance work and you will then receive a notification of the possible tax prepayments.- If you have an income of less than 17,500 euros in the first year, you do not need to register for sales tax, the simple income-surplus calculation is sufficient for accounting at the end of the year Double-entry bookkeeping - The freelancer can be insured through the artists' social insurance fund if his activity is classified accordingly. There is enormous potential for savings compared to insurance from a private provider.

Simple billing

Anyone who works as a freelance self-employed person can prepare the simple income-surplus-calculation as an annual financial statement. The tax office has its own form for this purpose, which can be used to offset income and expenses. The result is the taxable profit. If this is less than 8,000 euros, there is no longer even income tax, although it remains to be hoped that a freelancer will earn enough money with his idea and thus generate a slightly higher profit.

Flat-rate expenses

A book must be kept of all expenses. This means that the expenses are recorded in the accounts and the associated receipts must be kept. Now it can happen that only a few expenses are incurred - a copywriter or journalist, for example, hardly needs any accessories or expensive equipment for his work. Then the tax lump sums can be useful, which are currently 2,455 euros for a full-time self-employed person and 614 euros a year for a part-time worker.

Quick note:
The start of self-employment requires solid financing. Entrepreneurs can apply as a company for a promotional loan on favorable terms in Germany.

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Advantages of self-employment
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