Will Overwatch League make it by 2030

Million deal: Tottenham is in the mood for eSports

London football club Tottenham Hotspur will soon get a new stadium for £ 750 million, and according to the newspaper The Sun the club is also in talks about adding an eSports department.

In the eyes of the Spurs is the Overwatch team from London Spitfire, which is currently competing in the new Overwatch League (OWL) against teams from all over the world.

A lot of interest from sports

But not only the club from Tottenham show interest, as Spitfire's President Daniel Fiden revealed to the British newspaper:

"We haven't partnered with anyone yet. We've had conversations with a lot of teams, including Tottenham. It's a stunning organization and what they're showing in their development is great."

Several well-known representatives from the sports world have already bought their way into the Overwatch League. Boston Uprising, for example, belongs to Robert Kraft, the executive director of the NFL team New England Patriots. Jeff Wiplon, the manager of the New York Mets, has a background in baseball. He owns the Excelsior team.

eSports in the new stadium?

The eSports organization Cloud 9 is currently behind London Spitfire and has raised money for the multi-million dollar slot in the OWL through several investments. At the start of the league, the team is still unbeaten after two games.

In the coming season, the Overwatch League teams are required to provide their own stadium in which to play.

Tottenham Hotspur could easily meet this requirement with the new stadium. The club has recently shown itself to be open to cooperation with other sports.

In 2015, a ten-year partnership was agreed with the NFL. Starting in 2018, two American football games per year are to be played in London.