Growing hockey in England

My personal jackpot hockey scholarship in the USA

Marleen Groß about her plans to combine international experience, studies and hockey

03/13/2012 - My name is Marleen, I'm 21 years old, come from Hamburg and have been playing hockey for 11 years. In 2010 I graduated from high school and then started studying business administration in Bayreuth.

Since I was unable to gain any experience abroad during my school days, I had firmly resolved to study a semester abroad in order to further improve my English and broaden my personal horizons. Last autumn I started to find out more about the various options. It quickly became clear to me that my dream of spending a semester outside Europe could turn into an expensive proposition.

A tip from my former trainer made me aware of the Munich agency 'Monaco Sports' ( - it arranges scholarships for talented athletes at American universities. In addition to 24 different sports, the agency also takes care of field hockey, although in the USA the crook is only wielded by women and mainly played on the east coast. After a brief assessment of the opportunities on the website, the agency contacted me immediately, informed me about my options in a long conversation and offered me a collaboration.

You have the best chances as a hockey player shortly before or after graduation or at the beginning of your studies, as American coaches like to work long-term with young international players; after the age of 22 it becomes a little more difficult. In addition, you should play at least at the league level. The German women hockey players in particular have a good chance of receiving a scholarship in the USA. Maximilian Breböck (one of the two managing directors of Monaco Sports): “Many American coaches have already had good experiences with German players - they usually find their way around very quickly, have a good level of English and, in general, good athletic and academic skills Basic training that makes a lot of things easier. "

After intensive consultation with family and friends, I decided shortly thereafter to apply for a hockey scholarship together with Monaco Sports. Above all, I was convinced that in the USA it is possible for me to combine my studies with my passion for hockey, because the time for hockey alongside my studies here in Bayreuth is very short.
After recording and editing a highlight video, completing an English test (= TOEFL) and compiling a detailed and password-protected profile, the hockey coaches from all universities that offer hockey scholarships were contacted.
Over the next few weeks I was in contact with various coaches by email, Skype or phone and was overwhelmed by the positive feedback. Here, too, the agency gave me great support, regardless of whether there were any questions or the athletic or academic assessment of the respective university. From several offers from colleges in different states, I have now decided on a university and will be on my way to the USA at the beginning of August.

In my future team there is already a German - the 21-year-old hockey goalkeeper Sarah from Berlin, who would always choose to study in the USA: “What I particularly like about studying in the USA is the weight it weighs Sport and respectively field hockey is assigned. You train every day, have strength and running training, are constantly with the team and share an important commonality - the love for hockey. When it comes to studying in particular, I find the small classes, the variety of courses and the pleasant learning environment very positive. The whole campus life is just great, and you grow into a kind of family in which you can get very involved and never get bored. I am a member of some clubs, for example the international student organization, for which I am very committed. I have never regretted my decision to study in the USA and would do it again any time. I can only recommend it to everyone, because here you can very well combine a passion for a sport and an unbelievably great study ... "

The contract of my scholarship is valid for one year, in which tuition fees, books, accommodation, meals and hockey equipment are completely financed. Then I can decide whether to go back to Germany and continue my studies in Bayreuth or extend the scholarship and graduate in the USA.
It is not absolutely necessary to apply with the help of an agency - but personally I would do it again at any time, as the support provided me with a certain security and assistance in the whole process and a real friendship developed from it.
Marleen Gross