Waxing has permanent side effects

What can be done against ingrown hairs?

Both sexes are often affected by this problem. Women most often on the lower legs. Men, however, in the chest and genital area. The beard area is also often affected. If the skin burns or hair follicles become infected after shaving.

Such constant inflammation can become a real problem. Because the inflammation can lead to an infection with pus formation. The resulting small abscesses then often lead to skin discoloration, so-called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), which often take months to disappear.

Already after the first session oneLaser hair removal the hair follicle is permanently destroyed. The hair grows in significantly less or not at all after just one session and no new PIHs arise.

How does permanent hair removal with a laser work?

Laser beams that are produced by a laser device represent a form of energy. A laser beam is a bundle of high-intensity light that is absorbed by a medium (e.g. hair) when it hits it. The laser energy is converted into thermal energy and the medium is heated and destroyed for milliseconds. This medium can be the pigment melanin in the hair, as in alexandrite and diode lasers, or the blood supply to the hair follicle (ND: YAG laser, diode laser). The patented dynamic cooling protects the upper skin layer with a cooling shot of liquid cold. The long-pulsed GentleMax Pro Laser offers optimal treatment results With minimal side effects.

What happens during the laser treatment?

The treatment takes place at FIRSTMEDICA in Hamburg. Wear eye protection during treatment to protect your eyes from the laser light. Our practitioner will point the handpiece at the treatment site. There is a small puff of spray before and after each pulse Cooling spray sprayed on the skin. The treatment time can ofone minuteup to an hour be. This depends on the areas to be treated. In most cases, a consultation takes place before the planned laser treatment free trial lasers.

How do I prepare for laser hair removal?

If you are planning on permanent laser hair removal, you should Avoid plucking, waxing, sugaring and epilation six weeks before treatment. Instead, they can use the hair shave as often as you like. It is important that the hair root is still in the skin.

If you are Medication or Food supplements should be taken by our therapist during the Consultation about that inform. Otherwise, unexpected side effects such as pigment shifts may occur. We keep a list of drugs that can cause such interactions.

If you want permanent hair removal with the alexandrite laser or diode laser, you should six to eight weeks before the planned treatment on the Tan the skin in the treatment areas dispense. If you are under frequent perioral herpes suffer, you should us about itto informif you are planning to have facial hair removal with the laser. In some cases, prior drug prophylaxis is appropriate. If you are prone to pigmentation disorders and discoloration of the skin, e.g. after ingrown hairs or pimples, you should definitely get one before the treatment Consultation appointment come. Pretreatment of the skin with special pigment blockers may be indicated for you.

Direct preparation - be sure to note!

  • The evening before hair removal, you should take a picture of your hair with your smartphone and then shave it off completely.
  • After consultation with our therapist, discontinue medication or dietary supplements if necessary.
  • The treatment sites must be shaved, no deodorant!
  • The skin must be clean and washed!
  • The skin must not be creamed!
  • No sport or sauna on the day of the treatment!
  • No sun / solarium at least 1 week before treatment (Nd: Yag laser)
  • No sun / solarium at least 4 weeks before the treatment (alexandrite, diode laser)

What do I have to consider after the laser treatment?

After permanent hair removal, there is usually a slight reddening of the skin and slight swelling of the individual hair follicles. You may also feel a slight burning sensation or a sensation of warmth on the skin. These symptoms usually subside within a few minutes or hours. Immediately after the treatment we will give you a soothing lotion applied to the skin. You can purchase these from us and up to three days in the morning and in the evening Apply to the treatment areas. After the laser appointment is Avoid intense UV exposure for two weeks. We recommend using a sunscreen with at least SPF 30. We would be happy to advise you personally on this topic.

Is Permanent Hair Removal Painful?

The laser depilation with the alexandrite or the Nd: Yag laser is alternately one Warmth and a feeling of cold to feel. A slight tingling sensation may also be felt for a short time. This is due to the sophisticated cooling of the DCD cooling system, which is only available worldwide for Syneron Candela devices. Before and after each laser pulse Cold sprayed on the skin to cool down, numb and protect the skin. There is usually no pain. The Gentle System is one of the most pain-free and gentle laser systems in the world.

However, if you feel pain, please inform our therapist during the treatment. This is important because in some parts of the body the hair follicle growth can be very dense. The stronger absorption and greater warming of the skin in such areas can lead to an increased sensation of pain. In any case of increased pain perception, the practitioner can use a Change of parameters of the laser one Pain reduction or absolute freedom from pain cause.

Are there any side effects from permanent hair removal?

The risks are minimal. Side effects may appear in the form of redness and swelling. Pigment changes such as hypo- and hyperpigmentation are extremely rare and can through the Observe precautionary measures can be greatly reduced.


Permanent hair removal with laser is used successfully for both women and men. The treatment is possible in many parts of the bodyon the face (upper lip, cheeks, chin) as well as on the arms and legs, on the buttocks, in the genital area, on the chest and on the shoulders and back. The majority of three different hair removal lasers make it possible to specifically address all the peculiarities of each individual skin and hair type and to treat any point on the body. For example, with the GentleMax Pro Laser it is possible to Treatment spot between 8 mm and 24 mm in size to adjust. This enables our experienced users to work precisely but also quickly.

How many treatments have to be done before hair freedom is achieved?

Hair grows in different phases. While the hair visible at the time of treatment is in a growth phase (anagen phase), other hair follicles are inactive. You will enter the growth phase at a later date. Almost all hair follicles that are currently growing can be destroyed during laser treatment. Usually are 4 to 8 sessions necessary to achieve absolute hair freedom. With the alexandrite laser, 4 treatments are sufficient in most cases to free the hair.

At what intervals do the treatments have to be carried out?

The recommended treatment intervals vary on the face and body, even in the different body regions. you will be individually informed about the treatment intervals. There are treatment intervals of 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 weeks. It is important here that the intervals between two treatments never fallen below should be, as the success of the treatment may suffer as a result. Only when hair grows back the treatment should be repeated.

When can I expect a result?

After the very first treatment, a large part of the hair is removed. After a few days the hair falls out and the skin feels smooth and supple.

How long does laser depilation take?

Permanent hair removal with the laser usually takes a long time just a few minutes per treatment area. The treatment head of the GentleMax Pro has a spot of up to 24 mm in diameter. This allows areas such as a man's back or thigh to be treated in less than ten minutes. Treatment of the median line on the abdomen or the hair on the upper lip takes less than a minute.

How durable is this method?

Permanent hair removal with the Gentle Max Pro Laser is considered the Gold standard in permanent hair removal. With this device, almost all hair follicles can be permanently removed within a few sessions. The freedom of hair can over many years can be obtained. However, in the course of life, especially when there is a change in the hormonal situation or when certain medications are taken, new hair follicles can develop. Even in people who genetically tend to have above-average hair growth, new hair follicles can develop more quickly after months or years.

From practice we can report that after permanent hair removal once in two years a laser session for Maintenance is necessary.

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